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TIKTOK Try Not To Laugh Challenge ?? | Funny Memes That Are Super Refreshing

World Wide Weird
World Wide Weird
21 November 2021

- Hide and seek is a great workout for your dog's brain and body as it stimulates their natural instincts and keeps them out of mischief.
- If you love plot twists at the end of drama series you’re gonna love this ending. Not what you expect but still satisfying.
- Me calling my mom literally 2 seconds after missing her call
- According to research on TikTok, bread in the fridge equals a melanin boost in your DNA
- Discover how people see you and who you are in reality by doing this personality test
- Doing last minute presentations should actually be regarded as a top skill to have. Not many people can pull it off right
- Somebody needs to hear this but you gotta start clearing up storage space in your camera roll
- Parenting is a job and like any other job, it has it’s break time as well
- Who needs hand sanitizer during this pandemic when you got this guy
- Cat vs candle round 1 , I wouldn’t underestimate a candle just because it’s inanimate
- Try this harmless prank next time you’re out driving. Hopefully people have a sense of humor like this in your country

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