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The Silent Disaster of Biowarfare prions infecting humanity

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⁣If the spike protein of both the infection and the jab is an engineered prion, a result of bio-warfare research and development then this has grave implications for humanity because these weaponized prions are far more dangerous than viruses. The most commonly known prion disease is CJD or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is a spongiform encephalopathy where the brain becomes spongy, wastes away and ultimately leads to a horrible death. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are other neurodegenerative diseases associated with prions.

In this episode he discusses how there was a co-ordinated effort from the very beginning of the Wuhan outbreak, at the highest levels of NIH to suppress the priogenic nature of SARS-cov-2. He reveals that mRNA technology used in the COVID jabs causes frame shifting that leads to prions being produced, and transfected and as a result of prions being released into the environment, we now have a situation where these lab engineered toxins are being absorbed by living things, potentially leading to a host of disease from neurological to heart disease and cancer in anyone infected. He discusses mRNA technology and how recent published research has revealed that mRNA jabs can lead to frame shifting of the DNA but also the formation of harmful pathogenic proteins. This finding is significant and concerning.

Prion disease explains the mechanism for phenomena of "silent hypoxia", the formation of fibrous, white clots, the sudden deaths of athletes, turbo CJD, turbo cancer, amyloidosis, neurological diseases, long covid being brain inflammation.

Dr McCairn goes on to say, that the emergence of these proteins, suggest a possible link between the vaccines mRNA technology and it's unintended consequences. The output according to the author, pinpointed both the "unknown proteins but also the presence of the potential prion region." It is a problematic, troubling observation should it be accurate, given the inherent risks linked to prion diseases, and the implication for neurological health." Also does the use of pseudouridine in the mRNA vaccines, which were delivered at a massive scale raise the prospect of a "broad impact of any unintended protein creation across different vaccine batches and formations?"

This is a huge finding that the "jabs" are releasing prions that lead to disease not just in the recipient but also contaminate the environment and ability to transfect other people.

In our interview with Dr Kevin McCairn he says, "Misfolded proteins caused by prions can impact every level organ and tissue system in the body, bioaccumulate and are resistant to degradation, thereby building up in the environment, is that we do not need the like for like peptide to cause the misfolding in the next one, for the cascade to occur, in this instance we have cross seeding epitomes, that no longer need the whole protein, only certain segments to be digested and released to then come into susceptible proteins in the body, to misfold and then the process starts a chain reaction." We also discuss the staged assault on humanity, potential treatments, evolutionary pressure, and where the road may lead.

Dr McCairn cautions that we are in a "highly controlled, information eco-system", where there is censorship, narrative and counter narrative control, behavioral control and advanced neuro-psychological techniques. He has been highly censored and has had to restart his social media accounts.

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