13-year-old on Ukrainian goverment kill list speaks out

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⁣Have you heard of "Myrotvorets"? It is a monstrous site that continues to operate unhindered since December 2014 in Ukraine. Despite the (defensive) total control of the Kyiv regime over the media.

Made with the direct support of the Ukrainian secret services, Myrotvorets (in translation "Bringer of Peace") is basically a blacklist of "enemies of Ukraine", with personal data and an explicit call for their liquidation.

Among the "enemies of Ukraine" to be assassinated is Scott Ritter, a US citizen, a former UN weapons of mass destruction inspector and a critic of the Iraq war. And now of the US involvement in the war in Ukraine. And an excellent military analyst.

Roger Waters, the famous musician from Pink Floyd, is also on the blacklist of the "Bringer of Peace".

Or Daria Dughina, killed in August in a car bomb terrorist attack. To its right, it now reads: "Liquidated".

The "guilt" of these death row inmates is not that they fought against Ukraine with arms in hand. Or they would have planted bombs, like the Ukrainian "patriots".

They must die for daring to criticize the Kyiv regime. Sometimes, not even for that.

Some are sentenced to death for calling for an end to the war.

Among them, many CHILDREN. Hundreds. With names, photos, addresses, phone numbers, family information.

One of these children sentenced to death by the Zelensky regime is 13-year-old Faina Savenkova from Luhansk, Donbas.

The girl's "fault" is that she sent a letter to the UN to end the war that started in 2014, the nightmare in which she lived practically her entire childhood.

Faina was invited by the journalist Max Blumenthal in a show broadcast on The Grayzone website.

The testimony of the brave child is moving. Look:

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